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How to use a FuFu Clip or How FuFu Clips work

How to use a FuFu style clip or FuFu style feminizer clips. You have seen FuFu style clips all over the internet and they are all the rage for male to female transformation. Quite simply the FuFu clip is designed to erase your penis and show a realistic vagina where your penis used to be. All that without surgery which is perfect for men transitioning to female but not ready penile inversion vaginoplasty, which removes the penis and testicles and uses the skin to make a realist vagina. The fact is the end result of using a FuFu Clip or any of the Feminizer style FuFu Clips is just about the same, but it is not a permanent option. Many people are interested in seeing what it is like to have a vagina that do not identify as transgender. Femme men, Sissies, Non-binary people and even straight, gay, and bisexual men that are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. Though it looks like a FuFu Clip is complicated to use, the fact is they are easy to use once you know how to do it and now, I will walk you through it step by step. Two notes: If you are not fully shaved how would be the perfect time to remove all your pubic hair including all hair on the shaft and scrotum, the result will look much better hairless, and the pubic hair just gets in the way. Second: be fully undressed and in front of a mirror this will make doing it much easier your first few times.   1.Hold the clip in the correct upright position like in the photo. Push the flaccid shaft inside of the body and place the flat part of the clip over the penis, once in place this section will keep the flaccid shaft inside of the body. 2.Pull the scrotum through the center of the clip very slowly and carefully. As you pull the skin in through the clip the testicles will be forced inside of the body cavity. You will need to pull virtually all of the scrotum skin through the clip and once it is all in both the shaft and testicles will be kept inside of the body. 3. There are a couple of different ways to feminize yourself. Many just leave the scrotum skin as it is pulled through which looks very much like a engorged Labia. The other option is to pull the skin between the inner and outer ring of the clip, doing this allows you to create a spectacular looking vagina. 4. Practice makes perfect and the more you do this the better the results and the easier it will be to do. 5. Enjoy the process, the end result is well worth it.

Real Me FuFu Style transformation clip
New me MTF style transition clip

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